Practice Areas

We specialize in representing Sacramento workers  and small / medium size businesses in a wide range of employment issues and disputes, including the following:

  • Wrongful Termination  – We evaluate and represent employees in all types of wrongful termination, discrimination, retaliation, breach of employment contracts and defamation cases against employers.
  • Discrimination at Workplace   – we represent employees in a wide range of discrimination cases in court, DLSE and other agencies, including discrimination based on disability, race, age, sexual orientation and gender.
  • Workplace Defamation – We pursue slander and libel cases on behalf of employee who have been defamed by present or former employers or clients.
  • Disability Rights at Workplace (ADA / FEHA / FMLA / CFRA)  – we advise employees and employers on disability rights at workplace, including the employees’ rights to reasonable accommodations, interactive process and medical leave, and medical confidentiality issues.
  • Pregnant Employees’ Rights and Pregnancy Discrimination – we represent employees in wrongful termination cases arising out of pregnancy discrimination.
  • Retaliation including retaliation against nurses and healthcare whistleblowers protection.
  • Sexual Harassment and other types of unlawful harassment and hostile work environment claims.  Types
  • Unpaid Wages, Overtime and Commissions, including DLSE Labor Commissioner Hearings – we provide a wide range of services regarding unpaid wages and overtime  – from evaluating a potential claim, to helping employee file a claim with DLSE, or representing employees in front of DLSE or in court in cases for unpaid wages, commissions, and overtime.
  • Severance Pay Negotiations. We advise employees on how to effectively severance negotiate severance or (higher severance) in their specific situation, and optionally we can step in and negotiate on your behalf.
  • EEOC / DFEH Mediations – we represent employees (and employers) at mediation organized by DFEH, EEOC or private mediators.
  • Public Employee Issues, SPB, Coleman and PERB Hearings  – we represent State and County employee in a wide range of administrative hearings.
  • Professional License Defense , including DCA – Department of Consumer Affairs Investigations and Hearings.
  • Unemployment Benefits Appeal Hearings  – We prepare claimants for EDD  and SDI appeal hearings and also represent claimants at those hearings to challenge the denial of benefits.
  • In-person Consultations – We regularly meet with Sacramento area employees who face a variety of legal issues – from feeling harassed and discriminated to having issues with being misclassified as exempt from overtime, not being accommodated after suffering an injury, or considering whether to file a harassment / discrimination complaint against their supervisor internally or with EEOC. We also provide consultation to evaluate in detail a potential wrongful termination case, which includes reviewing all relevant documents, and answering all your questions.
  • Phone Consultations – we consult employees and employers over the phone all over California, providing detailed advice, document review and counsel on a variety of employment issues and disputes.

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