How to Win a Harassment Case At Your Deposition

Many, if not most harassment cases involve a he said / she said situation. You, the employee, claim that the employer did something or said something harassment or discriminatory, and the employer denies your version of what happened and provides a completely different version of the events (and of the reasons for your termination, if your situation involves being fired). In this type of harassment case, everyone involved   – your lawyer, the employer’s attorneys, the judge, and the jury have to make the tough call of who to believe  – you or the the employer. Therefore, in these types of harassment cases, your credibility and your being believable is even more important than in other cases. In the video below I share three tips for your deposition that should help you come across as the most credible plaintiff to send a strong message to the employer’s attorney that your version of the events makes sense and you are likely to win your case.



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