Fighting for Workers’ Rights in Sacramento Since 2007

As a worker in the Sacramento area you may not know all the California employment laws that protect you at workplace. We are here to help you solve your work related legal issues in the most practical and effective way possible. This ranges from helping you with ongoing workplace issues to fighting for your rights in court or in front of any of the administrative agency, such as PERB, Labor Board, SPB and other agencies.

The first essential step to solving any workplace issue is understanding what your rights are before taking action.  This will help you avoid common mistakes, which can turn a bad situation into a worse one, or good case against your employer weaker. We use our employment law expertise to help you understand why one strategy is legally and practically better than the other in you specific situation, so that you make the best decision under the circumstances.

An Experienced Sacramento Employment Attorney on Your Side

Successfully pursuing any kind of employment or wrongful termination case requires having an experienced employment attorney advising you and representing you at all stages of the process. You can be sure that the opposing side – your present or former employer – will have a team of capable employment lawyers on their side to defend them. Therefore, you should be represented by an employment law expert, who is both knowledgeable, experienced, and capable to stand up to the other side.

We Are California Employment Law And Wrongful Termination Experts  

We dedicate over 80% of our work to employment and wrongful termination cases. This includes representing employees in court, DLSE, and various administrative agencies in the Sacramento area, including SPB hearings and PERB. We stay up to date with the rapidly changing employment laws and new employment law court decisions that regularly come out and affect California employees’ rights. This allows us to know the practical reality of pursuing different types of employment cases, which is just as important as knowing the law.

If You Haven’t Been Terminated Yet, But You Know You Will Be

If you have haven’t been fired yet, but you know that your employer is trying to set you up for termination due to discrimination or retaliation, you don’t have to wait till you are fired to take action. There are often ways to either prevent or discourage the employer from terminating you.  Or, if not – we can help you make your potential wrongful termination case stronger even before you are fired. Contact us to discuss how to best handle the situation you are in right now at work, before you resign or file any kind of claim or take any other action.

If You Are Unhappy With Your Current Legal Representation 

We regularly take over employment and wrongful termination cases in Sacramento, filed by employees themselves or by other attorneys. If you have a pending case in court, and you represent yourself or you are disappointed in your current attorney because he / she has not been as responsive to you or as competent in pursuing your case, feel free to contact us to discuss how we can step in, take over your case and move it forward. Even if we cannot accept your case, we will likely give you valuable, practical second opinion on your case.


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